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AtariTools-800 Bug report :

(2014-11-12): 1/ -In char-editor, when transfer a charset from bank (1..32) to free-modify charset, the edit grid stays with the (4) previous colors.  FIXED.
(2014-11-12): 2/ -In Screen-editor, when load/save -> the multi-choice window (SCR-SCC-SCA selector) stay on screen after selection. FIXED.
(2015-01-19): 3/ -In Code generator, save function (txt atascii target) just works with basic source, fixed for all targets. FIXED.

>>> Bugs solved and will be effective in AT800 0.6.0 version. 

(2015-02-26): 4/ -In Gr-Editor, when copying a bloc from a picture to another, it keep his properties (colors), so unexpected results if gr-mode is not the same, including colors.  Actually looking to fix it  (mainly asking if keeping target-picture-colors or not and re-process the bloc to match).

(2015-02-28): 5/ Dmitry tell me that there is a trouble when save a charset.  If you don't set the full filename with extension things goes wrong.
I will fix it to save with file-filter by default when no extention selected. FIXED.  

(2015-03.02): 6/ In char-editor when clipboard import to charset with monochrome bitmap, a bug occurs. it does as it was 4 color mode, avoid the monochrome.  fixed today, 2C & 4C tested. FIXED. 

>>> Bugs solved and will be effective in AT800 0.6.1 version. 

Thanks to Jennifer (Artemis), John (6502man), Oliver, Sam, Geoffrey,  Dmitry 
 ( for telling me at
ataritools@gmail.com so I can fix it for next release.

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