RD's x86 Tools for ATARI 8-BIT & 16/32-BIT Computers

AtariTools-800 BETA VERSION 0.9.0-B here
CHAR-Edit + SCREEN-Editor + PM-Editor + GR-Editor 
+ TTF ATARI Fonts + 4 PDF docs + samples for the 4 tools. 

7z archive password is "atari 800"

Unavailaible to the public at the moment.

Windows toolkit dedicated to ATARI 400/800/XL/XE/5200/XEGS.
includes Char-Editor/Char-Animator/PM Editor/DL Editor/GR Editor/

Here below, some in-progress AtariTools-800 infos & screenshots :

AT800-2020-03-12 :

Beginning programming session of Screen to Code generation part (MADS)

AT800-2020-03-05 :

In LOAD/ SAVE section, the filenames were always turned to uppercase.
there is no more the case, just at your discretion.

AT800-2020-03-04 :

Correction of a mismatch handler with load/ save routines (to translate in English) lots of invisible objects made handlers miss target.

> solved in V0.9.0.B with more memory saved in bonus.

AT800-2020-02-20 :

Screen-Editor partially adapted to 16 hues an 9 colors. Correction of a bug on the atascii/linear code displayed in string grid (low speed because a wrong usage of the refresh grid event).

Working on Screen-Editor functions (adaptations to atascii/linear models & 16 shades,16 hues & 9c)

sample : 16 shades usage, 3 charsets, 3 dli

AT800-2020-02-13 :

CharSet to code adapted to 16hues and 9 colors for WUDSN (mads/altirra) target .


NCX file handling in Char-edit (multi-modes, up to 32 charsets) finished. (just adding 16hues & 9colors models).


AT800-2020-02-11 :

Clipboard handling added for 16Hues & 9Colors modes


AT800-2020-02-10 :

AT800 : NCX file upgraded & tested ok for 5 modes, up to 32 charsets in 5 modes with own colors depending mode. Char to code (code generation for WUDSN toolchain) tested ok for all 5 modes.

AT800-2020-02-05 :

AT800: V.0.8.9 - Char-Editor is now complete with all 5 modes (monochrome/4-5colors/16shades/16hues/9-colors).

Now return to the screen-editor to complete this one.

AT800-2020-02-03 :

Char-Editor is complete in mode 11 (16 hues), palette selection/ finished. ACX file is enabled for all 5 modes (monochrome/4-5Colors/9 colors/16 shades/ 16 hues) tested in all modes.


AT800-2020-02-01 :

TXT-Modes 10 (9 colors) and 11 (16 hues) near to be completed.  Edition part is now fully operational.



Start programming 16 HUES (GTIA) & 9 colors txt-modes in CHAR-EDITOR


ASA   (not ACX) file format added to Screen-animator part of AT800
this new file format is made to contain charsets, colors, charsets-modes and animation data.  The old and already availaible ACA file is for the same purpose but only for 4 color mode (mode 12).

AT-800 V.0.8.8 (2020-01-09) : 
SCREEN-ANIMATOR updated, Animation data stack is now see in another window but completely linked with main window commands (in animator part).  Added too : tool to directly build a line (data) in the screen constructor (graphics), just a click.    Glitch with ATASCII and LINEAR mode fixed. ACA file for animation is stable (test with 30 screens at 50ms).  
Sample below with 6-chars build phoenix starship for moving simulation (pos 4) in mode 12.


AT-800 V.0.8.7 (2019-12-16) : 

CharSet Code-generator updated with 16-shades model & colors with GR.0 mode.
Added too : visualisation of chars from 128 to 255 in generated code (seeing 5th color in mode 4-5Cols
(mode 12)).
(WUDSN/MASM/ALTIRRA 2.90 target).

AT-800 V.0.8.7 (2019-12-13) : 
On each CharSet, its own colors displayed.
ACX & NCX files are effective and tested, final description is fixed and is 1042 bytes per item.

AT-800 V.0.8.7 (2019-12-12) :         
GTIA 16 shades text-mode is now enabled in Screen-Editor/Animator, including color change & charset change at each line. By now, screen is only dedicated to one mode, as main goal is building and animate a specific text-mode. But (as asked by Romu, Alison & GORF16), the project will support a mixed mode where each line will be in a different modewith specific colors and charset, as DLI can do on Atari 800 machine.

AT-800 V.0.8.6 (2019-12-02) :


In Char-Editor : new display in the charset-bank : now can see charsets in their respective modes.

Now only edition(free-modify zone) can be switched in the 3 modes.



AT-800 V.0.8.6 (2019-11-29) :
In Char-Editor : new canvas to load/save charsets, more visual, less faultly handling.
Two buttons removed. Same as view in PM-Editor.

AT-800 V.0.8.5 (2019-11-23) :
About new load/save format In Char-Editor : 
The new *.ACX format is now complete. With this we can save/load with target the monochrome/ 4-5 colors/ 16 shades mode (and future adds, if needed). when saving with charset selected in a particular view mode  (in free-modify-charset zone), this is the mode that is recorded. When loading, the folder mode and the free-modify-charset are automatically set. The full information of the ACX file is described thought information icon, as all files used by AT800. The files used are always usable directly by the A8 machines and avoid the complication. The ACS and FNT (envision) formats are already availaible to ensure full compatibility.
ps: information in ACX is just show "as is",not yet definitive. Values can change in mode , I just see/ask if basic-like mode-numbers or ANTIC-numbers is more suitable.

AT-800 V.0.8.5 (2019-11-21) :
In Char-Editor : Code-generation for MADS/ALTIRRA/WUDSN toolchain, for the 3 CharSet models,
fully operational (monochrome-4colors-16shades).

Adding a combobox to the code-generator module to select witch text mode is wanted.


AT-800 V.0.8.5 (2019-11-20) :

In Char-Editor : ClipBoard handling fully operational in three txt modes (monochrome-4colors-16shades)


AT-800 V.0.8.5 (2019-11-12) :
In Char-Editor :  palette color (CTIA) for monochrome mode finished and tested with all color constraints for this mode.

AT-800 V.0.8.0 (2019-11-08) :
In Char-Editor :  update of the color selection display in 4 colors and monochrome modes.
In 4-Color & monochrome modes, a selected-color-button is now present and selection of color-register
is just done by clicking on a button and no more a checkbox.

And add an CTIA color selector for the monochrome charset.
As PF2 is directly linked to the PF3 register in this mode, a second color display is added to avoid the logical garbage that can be seen when choosing a PF3 value. So the color selector is for both PF3 and PF2 at once, here.

AT-800 V.0.8.0 (2019-11-04) :
With Char-Edit 16 shades model :

Load ACS & FNT format dependencies -> operational.