RD's x86 Tools for ATARI 8-BIT & 16/32-BIT Computers

AtariTools-800 BETA VERSION 0.6.7B here
CHAR-Edit + SCREEN-Editor + PM-Editor + GR-Editor 
+ TTF ATARI Fonts + 4 PDF docs + samples for the 4 tools. 

7z archive password is "atari 800"

Unavailaible until further notice

Windows toolkit dedicated to ATARI 400/800/XL/XE/5200/XEGS.
includes Char-Editor/Char-Animator/PM Editor/DL Editor/GR Editor/

Here below, some in-progress AtariTools-800 screenshots :

>>>AT-800 BUG REPORT has moved in a dedicated menu <<<
NOTE : New screenshots (2018) : If to right-click on pictures and ask "display picture" on menu.
The full size is displayed for details.

AtariTools-800 (2018-05-15):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.7B.  (not yet released)

feature 1 -> directly save the CharSet-bloc to BMP file (mono or color Charset, as selected)
feature 2 -> directly save the CharSet-bloc into the windows-clipboard for further use (word,gimp,..)
(I wrote this to use & insert the picture into my source e-documentation to explicit more)

be free to suggest a feature you wish, you welcome.

best wishes


AtariTools-800 (2018-03-22):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.7B.  (not yet released)

Expanding Player-Missiles draw-tools (PM-Editor) :   

1/ Adding the possibility to copy line(s) of a player from a line to another.
2/ Expand all the draw tools with 3 spin edit zones (from line-number to another).
    Now It's possible to clear-fill-negate-mirror and copy only a bloc of lines in PM instead
    all Player and/or Missile.
    Checkbox is checked to process bloc-part only and unchecked to process all Player and/or /Missile.


AtariTools-800 (2018-03-21):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.7B.  (not yet released)

A bug in generation assembler code in PM area is fixed.

In re-writing parts of  code, it was copy-pasted from missiles handling to players handling with wrong results, of course. now fixed and tested.


AtariTools-800 (2017-02-15):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.6.  (not yet released)

1/ load/save finished
   The file is *.ACA format -> can contains from 1 up to 32 charsets with associated colors,
   DLI info and animation data (file format full described in info area of AT800 .

2/ -full test of animator with little basic anmations loops.   Stage granted pefectly.
    -The charset animator is dynamic, you can switch between mono-colors during animation process
     (dual mode real-time animation)
    -choose a part only of whole data to animate, ...
    -Animation of selected line of data in StringGrid element to see where animation is.

Will add a delta-line function to avoid elements already presents in data and save memory on Atari 800.

stringgrid counterpart of the text animator :

-generation of char-screen with single click on StringGrid data line. 
-Each cell of DataGrid is X,Y,CHARCODE byte-triplet structure, corresponding to one char element.

AtariTools-800 (2017-02-13):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.6.  (not yet released)

1/  Import/ Export finished.
2/ Working on load/ save animator file (70% finished)
3/ Animator working in linear & atascii mode

Working on code generator to add option to produce asm code that can be copy-paste directly to
wudsn ide -> assemble & see result.

AtariTools-800 (2017-02-07):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.6.  (not yet released)

1/  Parenthesis : load, save and alert/ advertissement dialog boxes reprogrammed for us/uk language only.

Before that, French/ Dutch or German text could happen in buttons, ..  due to IDE/Compiler defaults sets.   

2/ Data editor fully operational, now working on import/export (CSV) options.

next stage is animate processus with timer.

AtariTools-800 (2017-01-12):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.6.  (not yet released)

debugging data editor of the screen animator (in char mode).

This part add capabilities to simulate animation in text-mode (4-5 colors or monochrome) in cooperation with the char-editor/ screen builder.
Thats mean that simulator can animate with dli and 32 charsets options of the screen-builder and a precise timer to debug the flow of data. 
All data  compatible Atari 800 of course.

data based on 2 models : X,Y,CHARCODE and OFFSET,CHARCODE, convertible.

Best wishes to the new year for all Atarians all over the world.


AtariTools-800 (2016-07-26):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.6.  (not yet released)

minor fix & add

Fix : the Magnify option of GR-EDIT.   In Magnify window, cross is now really centered on pixel all the time.

Note : don't forget that mouse speed can be also down in GR area for precision.

Add : Add [To help programmer] hardware & shadow register information on 4col/2c display in CHAR-EDIT

AtariTools-800 (2016-03-24):

Ataritools-800 V.0.6.5 is ready to download.

Several glitches found and solved.

A little add to help programming with code exportation :

Edit a screen as is, uses normal ATASCII data (code of CharSet Chars) ideal in BASIC but not the same
thing in assembler.

AT800 in V.0.6.4 and above add a button that convert ATASCII-screen into LINEAR-screen at clicking
(click again replace in original ATASCII).

After convert ATASCII to LINEAR, just click on "screen > code" button and generate code as usually.     
Then, copy paste the text part wanted to your favorite asm editor.
Back to screen-edit, don't forget to be care of the mode you are to avoid unexpected problems

Now you can directly use code as 
         LDY   #VALUE  ; num of char(s)
         LDX   #$00     
BCL : LDA  DATA_ADR,X  ; load a char (from start to end)
         STA   SCREEN_LOCATION,X  ; store char (start to end)
         INX  ; inc location
         DEY ; dec counter
         BNE   BCL  ; loop until Y=0

AtariTools-800 (2016-01-06):

A new year begins and lots a work to do. I expect numerous projects for ATARIs Computers & consoles.

PS: It's a long time availaible -I read that- but I just discovered WUDSN-IDE theses days, configure and do some tests with MADS/ ALTIRRA and I really enjoy it ! (sure, you can imagine ..)
I will explore this and must thanks Peter DELL for the work.

For assembler code generation, AT800 will match this toolchain as soon as I can write code seriously.

Best to all again.


V.0.6.4 (not on line yet)

Adding a linear format directly to charset/ ScreenEdit for using with MAC/65 more easily (without data convert at code generation stage)
ex. code ATASCII=32 -> LINEAR=0, ect. 
founding and fixing some glitches.

AtariTools-800 (2015-10-22):

V.0.6.2  on line
Simplification for file loading/saving, suppression of "are you sure to load, .." messages,  several optimizations.
Not finished DL part again due to health issues theses last 7 months.
Thanks for friends support.

AtariTools-800 (2015-03-09):

DL-Editor rewritting begins today.

AtariTools-800 (2015-03-04):

!!! Important Change !!! 
, a mail correspondant, point my attention on mismatch in file saving/loading, some days ago (working but if you don't fill well the names and extension, don't work correctly...).   So I'm doing a large review on load/save in tools and changes are already made and tested for CHAR-Editor & SCREEN-Editor.
I'm just looking this lunch time for PM-Editor & GR-Editor.  Too, I try to simplify interfaces (as following fig. screenshot from SCREEN-Editor) witch was now just a file-dialogbox with full use of file-type and no more "screen-editor disk-operations" in another window.

Option effective in version 0.6.1 and upper

AtariTools-800 (2015-03-03):

Adding a transfer option between GR-EDITOR & CHAR-EDITOR in same time than solving the bug in CLIPBOARD transfer (into CHAR-EDITOR)
After taking a bloc-sprite into GR-EDITOR (in 2 & 4 color-modes) insert it into a charset (see following fig. screenshot example).

Option effective in version 0.6.1 and upper


AtariTools-800 (2015-02-16):
GR-EDITOR (Tool 4 from AtariTools-800)  rewritten.  V.0.6.0 availaible in download.
The pack include EXE application, 4 PDF (0.6.0 is for GR-Editor), test files samples and some ATARI TTF fonts files).

The crc32 validity code is $bc5b4c67 and can be tested with excellent 
www.febooti.com  freeware crc checker. 

AtariTools-800 (2015-02-06):
GR-EDITOR (Tool 4 from AtariTools-800) is near to be completely rewritten and published in V.0.6.0 version (with bugs fixes from Bug report list).

Juste to rethink/ rewrite UNDO-REDO functions, relook for AtariArtis format picture and doing PDF doc (already started).


AtariTools-800 (2015-01-12):
Adding a screen-selector to GR-EDITOR (in 0.6.0 release)
This screen-selector handles any graphics resolution any color model 

Up to 100 screens. 
Possibility to save/ load up to 100 pictures in a single file (*.AGM).

 Information (i) window must be updated with new file (AGM) specifications
(This file as others in ataritools-800 is designed to be very simple and to be used directly directly with the atari-8bit machines).

AtariTools-800 (2014-11-13):
Some screenshots of GR-editor in  fast test process after code change
(...seems to be ok but I know the Murphy's law very well).

Now CTIA(128) and GTIA(256) are handled  in their respective graphic modes.

AtariTools-800 (2014-11-04):
AtariTools-800 V.0.6.0 begins.  Start rewritting GR-Editor today.
Now 11 gr. modes support (8 CTIA & 3 GTIA)



AtariTools-800 (2014-10-23):
AtariTools-800 V.0.5.0 release with PM-Editor enabled.

This is the 3rd tool being rewritten and activated.
Note that several addons will be done, but after final release.  The final release is now the main goal, even if I must remove [temporary] several options. It will come back later.


AtariTools-800 (2014-10-16):
AtariTools-800 V.0.5.0 soon with PM-Editor enabled, just finishing to write code generator for PM-Editor & pdf documentation.

AtariTools-800 (2014-10-06):

AtariTools-800 V.0.4.0 release with 2-Tools (CHAR-Editor & SCREEN-Editor), completely rewritten and fully operational.

the 7z achive contains EXE, PDF documentation with screenshots (22 pages) and samples for the two tools.

The 2nd tools to be rewritted is SCREEN-Editor witch is a text editor in monochrome & color with DLI possibilities and uses the Charsets & associated colors from the previous tool (CHAR-Editor).

AtariTools-800 (2014-04-07):

AtariTools-800 V.0.3.0  with CHAR-Editor ONLY activated, completely rewritten and fully operational.
you can download the public pack v030 via 1fichier link .    The archive contains prg, samples and UK/US pdf doc just finished this noon.

Be free to tell me a word about or just to say thank you by mail   I will be glad. 

.. to be continued (GR-Editor will be the next to be rewritten).

AtariTools-800 (2014-04-03):

CHAR-Editor part of AtariTools-800 is near to be completely rewritten, except some features (about 9000 lines of code to see and change), finished tomorrow at lunch time I expect.

As I say before, after that, I will quick publish the binary file, just do a pdf with help to join with it (I expect monday ) to help usage.

Of course, several adds will occurs again when GR-Editor will be rewritten too : As the graphical editor has the option to draw on a charset structure, as if it were a bitmap-picture and export it to charset zone of char-editor and other features like that. 

significant changes:

-AT-800 now switch the palette CTIA/ GTIA depending the mode used. (4 colors modes are now in 128 color-palette mode)
-The old processus to recolor charsets on fly was previously based on colors and not on registers, changed.
-All "graphic-viewed-charsets" are now completely build from scratch with the 1Ko rom data set in vector.
-Clipboard options are enabled or disabled depending on where it is called (char-edit, gr-edit, ...) to minimize confusion in usage.

but the most important was inside the code, more clean.

Of course, ALL files generated by previous versions are the same (or WILL BE the same for the tools to be rewritten)
and are primarly designed to be used directly by the Atari-8bit computers serie.

... To continue 


AtariTools-800 (2014-03-24):

Originaly, AtariTools-800 was only a char-editor tool and due to needs and asks from friends, I add several tools and do more and more intricated links between them. 
The result (due to a non-planification for this purpose) is a mess melting functions from tools & other tools and other functions again.
Also include a new function became more and more complicated due to the inclusion of all dependencies.

For this reason, since a week I begin to rewrite ATARITOOLS-800 with independent and reuseable objects.
The whole general aspect and functionnality will be the same but (as DEGAS ELITE XL) with clearer and reuseable code.

take this opportunity to rethink and change some visual interfaces too but the whole aspect will be the same.
Include the 128 colors palette for non-gtia-modes and so on.

Another philosophy that I will follow in the future will be to publish the program after each tool rewrites to have something to give.

Best to all,


AtariTools-800 (2012-06-19):
- Cleanning and fix dli edit part in char-animator (beginning).
-19 screen functions enabled in the editor.
-Working on Undo/ Redo functions in GR-Editor

Also numerous flaws fixed.

AtariTools-800 is now at 0.2.9 stage. :-)

dli colors example with my old phoenix-800 text-screen-title :


AtariTools-800 (2012-05-30):
- Adding color mark for Atascii <> 32 in char-animator.
- New organisation for tools, similar to GR-Editor style.
-Activation of functions as (row-copy,row-swap,col-copy,col-swap,insert row, insert col, insert char (in V or H),moving whole screen
in 4 directions, delete row, delete col),
-function to force color borders for best view.

more text-screen handling will follow...



AtariTools-800 (2012-05-16):
- 4 bugs/problem solved.
- In Char-Editor, now it's perfect to insert mono/ color bitmaps from clipboard & bloc (from GR-Editor).   
- In clipboard, "pick" function cleaned and tested (when we want to read a color to put in a color-register, the previous version keep the 
  RGB24 value in register without search to match with nearest ATARI-Color table, now solved.
- IDE Display cleaning.
- DL builder begins
- ICE Editor adding (ICE CharSet is now automatically computed & viewed with the two others)

next to do : "CharSet > Bloc" function to import current data-charset into a GR-Editor gr. mode screen.

ATARITOOLS-800 is now at 0.2.8 stage


AtariTools-800 (2012-05-15):
-With code-generation option (Char-Editor) -> generate a text witch can be directly included in several languages. 
For example, in ATARI BASIC, an ENTER "H:???.TXT" followed by RUN shows directly a result.
-Exemple de génération de code avec Char-Editor, le texte directement chargé sous un éditeur (ici BASIC) suivi d'un RUN
montre directement un résultat.



AtariTools-800 (2012-05-11):
-In GR-Editor, in "BLOC>CODE" : Adding color information (in ATARI BASIC, a "poke" line is added to directly write the shadow registers, in ASM, a separate dataline is added with registers values. Order information in a remark line).
The work continue and all will be in order of work today, for all GR. modes used in AT-800. 

-Dans GR-Editor, dans "BLOC>CODE" : Ajout d'information couleur (en BASIC ATARI, une ligne de pokes est ajoutée pour écrire directement les registres shadow, en Assembleur, une ligne séparée de données est ajoutée avec les valeurs des registres ainsi que les différents registres dans une ligne de remarque, dans l'ordre.
Le travail continue et tout devrait fonctionner aujourd'hui, pour tous les modes graphiques utilisées par AT-800

Example/ exemple (phoenix red starship frame 1) :

To change the "notepad"-data code generation text, just change options and re-click on "Code Generation"
button. The "line begins at" part is only for ATARI BASIC target, unused in MAC65 target.



AtariTools-800 (2012-05-10):
-Adding A8-cosmetics & parameters for BASIC/ MAC65/ DEC/HEX ASCII/ATASCII. Width, height and color infos are generated automatically. Basic is only in DEC, ASM can be DEC or HEX.
-Ajout de decorum A8 & paramètres de génération de code (BASIC/MAC65/DEC/HEX/ASCII/ATASCII) les informations de dimension & couleurs sont générées automatiquement.



AtariTools-800 (2012-05-09):
-In GR-Editor, the tool to transform a bloc to code is activated & tested well not only for me by now
Usage : you take a bloc, then you click on "bloc>code" button
and a window opens with the actual bloc data, under basic or asm form. This can be copy-paste to an editor with the atari code.
Thats the way I do to include the phoenix-800 bitmap characters as the red starship in my example.

-Dans l'editeur graphique, l'outil pour transformer un bloc graphique en code-écrit a été activé et testé, plus seulement pour mon usage
Utilisation : quand vous avez pris un bloc, si vous cliquez sue le bouton "bloc>code", une fenêtre s'ouvre avec les données sous forme de code basic/asm au choix, qui peut être copié-collé dans un éditeur de code atari.
C'est de cette façon que j'ai inclus les graphiques bitmaps utilisés dans le jeu phoenix-800, comme le starship rouge de mon exemple.


AtariTools-800  (2012-05-02):
-In Char-Editor : option to save up to 32 charsets in one file is finished and tested. (ex: if you want to save charsets 1,2,3,10,11,12, just select theses sets by clicking-right on numbered buttons
witch will change to red and click on save charsets button.  the file format is NCS (for N CharSets)).
As ACS, the *.NCS file is usable on ATARI-8bit systems, since it's a stack of ACS (4 colors + FNT) data.
AT800 is now at 0.2.6 stage

Several (7) bugs/mismatch fixed too.

-Dans l'éditeur de caractères, l'option pour sauver jusqu'à 32 jeux de caractères en un seul fichier est terminée et testée. (ex : si vous souhaitez sauvegarder les sets 1,2,3,10,11,12, juste les sélectionner par un clic-droit sur les boutons numérotés, qui vont alors se colorer en rouge et ensuite faire un clic sur le bouton "save charsets". le format de fichier est *.NCS (pour N CharSets).
Comme pour le format ACS, le fichier *.NCS est utilisable sur les systèmes ATARI-8Bits vu qu'il s'agit d'un empilement de 4 couleurs et du bitmap du set répétés N fois.
AT800 est maintenant à la version 0.2.6


AtariTools-800  (2012-04-19):
-Re-open AtariTools-800 theses days, after 5 months frozen, left DegasElite XL for a while.

 First : complete the Char-Animator/ screen builder functions. The way is changing from the past, another -more easy- way to build char screens (I expect).
now, color & mono screens can be switched at single click

-Ré-ouverture du projet après 5 mois de frigo, je laisse un peu DegasElite XL pour un moment.

D'abord, continuation du constructeur d'écrans-texte. La méthode a changé depuis la dernière série, une façon plus facile (j'espère) de construire les écrans.
Maintenant, on peut commuter les écrans texte couleur et monochrome au vol.

mono :


And an option to see the atascii char-code:
Une option pour voir l'écran sous forme de codes atascii:

The screens will be saved with theses formats :  screen only/ screen & colors/ screen & dli (colors)
in addition : save code file (for A800 BAS/ ASM, ..  editors)

Les écrans seront bientôt sauvés sous ces formats : écran seul/ écran & couleurs/ écran & dli (couleurs)
Avec : l'option de sauver sous forme de code (pour editeurs A800 BAS/ ASM)


AtariTools-800  (08-11-2011):
-Now when the mouse is on the A800 screen (in GR-Editor) the speed slowdown to more accuracy, outside of this zone, the speed will remain
at the original system speed.   The speed of the mouse on the A800 screen can be selected with a spinEdit button from 1 (the slowest) to 20 (the fastest), normal speed will be around the value 10.

AtariTools-800  (07-10-2011):
-Management of picture importation from clipboard completely finished (recolor buttons and previous bottom picture was missing in last version).

test with follow joystick from clipboard

import in 320*192*2c. [previously adapted with the clipboard options]

import in 160*192*4c. [previously adapted with the clipboard options]

import in 80*192*9c. [previously adapted with the clipboard options]

import in 80*192*16s. [previously adapted with the clipboard options]

import in 80*192*16h. [previously adapted with the clipboard options]


AtariTools-800  (22-09-2011):
-In ICE-Char-Editor, last finished work : Edition part of the left and right charset  with 4 text modes.
next step : see ICE generated charset automatically.

example with gr.12 & gr.9 edition.

example with gr.0 & gr.9 edition.

example with gr.12 & gr.11 edition.

example with gr.11 & GR.0 edition.

A this moment, the edition can be made on 8X8 (2colors), 4X8 (4colors) charsets and 2X8 (shades
& hues) modified modes. Colors can be changed on the fly, viewing result.

Theses modes can be mixed together and the apparent result is seen at the right side.
At the extreme right side, a panel with all possible colors can be seen, with at the left part : the
colors of the first mode. On the top, the colors of the second. So with intersection, we can see
witch colors will be used to obtain the one we want.

The second step will be see the full charsets  (1st, 2nd and ICE generated).

Of course, it will be possible to use the other tools to import features (taking charsets from
Char-Editor, ..)

Bobby has defined formal files to save the work and it will be implemented and documented further.

You can see the Synthpopalooza's interesting work, fully explained with screenshots & docs
at AtariAge Atari-8-Bit forums

a/ 4X8-4colors char mixed with 4X8-4colors char -> 16 colors (can be placed at any position).

b/ 2X8-16shades char mixed with 4X8-4colors char -> 64 colors (can't be placed at any position).

c/ 2X8-16shades char mixed with 2X8-16hues char -> 256 colors (can be placed at any position).


AtariTools-800  (07-09-2011):
-In collaboration with my friend Bobby (Synthpopalooza) and based on his experiments & works,
ataritools-800 has a new folder with ICE-Editor-Tool.

This tool is intend to edit and view an ICE-Char to extend the number of colors of the system by
switching two pictures at each VBL, here char-mode-pictures.

AtariTools-800  (25-08-2011):
-In GR-Editor, complete the code -> now at color modification in palette, the full bitmap changes in same time.
All A8 GR-modes.

-Fix a bug in GR mode 9 & 11 (BAS) -> default colors were set with IDE at the begining of writing AT-800 program and were perfectly false but slightly near A8 colors for eyes.  Now set by computation and fully correct (for eyes and for the computer ; - )

First picture is original clipped picture from bmp pics examples. Second is 256C A8-palette conversion [automatic process] from the first.

Full res.

Near identical with colorfull objects and high-res.

Full res.

Enough closer, but we can see difficulties problems in some red-pink zones


Clearly difficult to match skin tones with A8, with automatic computation and without dithering


Red tones are clearly limited, but not so bad for a '70 engineered machine.
who's better in that period ? no one even approach !






AtariTools-800  (10-08-2011):
Clipboard color conversions examples to show limitations.

AtariTools-800  (09-08-2011):
Clipboard module is now as found in DEXL and is no more in a folder. Differences only at management to match A8 models of colors/pixels.
Clipboard can be imported (after transformation picture) in GR-Editor and CharSet-Editor.

Grab & pick color are working but it can be some frustration using PICK COLOR, because RGB24 color readed on
original picture (before transformation) is converted to the 256C A8-model and as more closer color found is, it's often far from original :-/ )

AtariTools-800  (05-08-2011):
loading/saving files in MIC format added, allowing extra bytes. Remark : after loading, if all 4 colors are at zero values, arbitrary 4 shades is set (without modify file) to see the content of picture and not a black screen.  Others formats follows.

Special thanks for friends at AtariAge who send me informations and pictures examples-links on A8 formats.





AtariTools-800  (03-08-2011):
Two screens, with new organisation.  File buttons and tools are now in the left row of the screen


AtariTools-800  (01-08-2011):
AtariTools-800 reopenned today, Graphic-Editor is improved to match DegasElite XL features in the 8-bit modes with the same position for the tools. Clearing and add air to be more comfortable at finding buttons and tools.

Graphic Bloc management is now complete (Activation-Unactivation was missing), ClipBoard is under modifications to match DEXL clipboard capabilities. Adding Pip & Crop capabilities.
Feature under programming : Copy CharSets to picture and copy picture part to CharSet.

By now, a reorganization of screen and tools are on the way and will be quickly done.


AtariTools-800  (14-03-2011):
Hline & Vline graphic functions added.   AtariTools-800 is now at 0.1.9 stage.

AtariTools-800  (21-02-2011):
A bug was found in the color management of pictures, now solved. Was just a mismatch on certain color registers.
When building picture, colors now act as in A800 computer.  example : C8 [aka 712] modification change as well
basic gr.9 than gr.11 and build either shades and hues in complement of register, on the fly. 

when loading a picture, the gr. mode is set and color registers are refreshed, just before reading the bitmap, for any A800 res.

AtariTools-800  (17-02-2011):
Load and save function for 16 hues model, complete today at lunch time too.

AtariTools-800  (16-02-2011):
Load and save function for 16 shades model, complete today at lunch time.

AtariTools-800  (14-02-2011):
Load and save function for 4 colors model, complete today.


AtariTools-800  (08-02-2011):
The load/save files from/to gr-editor are on the way, *.AGP file contain the gr-mode of the picture, the dump of
all color registers and the bitmap-data. AGP is intend to support all [natural] Atari gr-modes.

Micro-illustrator is well known format and RAW can load/save any file without infos, but only 8kb [window] choosen inside of it.

By now, only monochrome formats are finished in load/save.

Of course, formats are explained, byte by bytes in "information" icon.  Thanks to Steven Tucker for informations on Micro-illustrator format.

Additional tools were added, as CharSet to Picture and Picture to Charset (atari screens) in addition of possibility
to import/export by clipboard.

Some changes (prototype) for ergonomy :  the magnify tool switches a zoom-zone on top on the bitmap
screen, more easy than previous zoom folder and let the draw tools fully viewable and selectable.

With zoom-panel

AtariTools-800  (25-01-2011):


Palette for GR-Editor is finished. Can handle 2,4,9 colors and 16 shades (basic gr.9), 16 hues (basic gr.11). The number of colors that appear is automatically drived by the gr. mode selected.

Registers regarding colors are write as info to remember the codes. C8 is aka [shadow] register 712 or [hardware location] 53274.

Changing in C8 (aka 712) change the whole shades and hues. Finally, the codes are edited in dec/hex as usually.

To do : change the colors of the edited picture when changing in palette

AtariTools-800  (19-12-2010):

A more lisible splash screen.

GR-Editor clipboard match model is complete for any Atari-mode target.

1/ Here we have a helmet diver in grab from clipboard.

2/ Transform to 16 shades Atari model (real Atari-shades).

Transform to 16C-pixel Atari model (as view in 80X192)

resize to fill the screen

And transfer in GR-Editor as bloc-sprite, and do some mods.

GR-Editor  (15-12-2010):
GR-Editor 80X192X16-Hues mode complete with all draw-tools functionnal.

GR-Editor  (15-12-2010):
GR-Editor 80X192X9C (BASIC MODE 10)  mode complete with all draw-tools functionnal.

GR-Editor  (09-12-2010):
GR-Editor 160X192X4C mode complete with all draw-tools functionnal.

Next step : validation of 80X192 modes in 9 colors, 80X192 in 16 shades and 80X192 in 16 hues.

I must rethink/moving clipboard tools too because it isn't ergonomic to use...

GR-Editor  (09-12-2010):
GR-Editor 320X192X2C mode complete with all draw-tools functionnal.

GR-Editor  (09-12-2010):
AtariTools has now a splash screen at launch :-)  

GR-Editor  (07-12-2010):
CLIPBOARD functions are moved from char-editor to a special panel, just at the right of the folder selection.  
Functions are overlayed on any tool (CHAR-EDIT, GR-EDIT) by clicking on the
clipboard button.  In addition, recolorisation and computations can be choosen for char-editor or
gr_editor target (this is for palette-computation destination).

GR-Editor  (06-12-2010):
BLOC & CLIPBOARD functions are fully operational with the management of transparency. 
The clipboard function "clip > bloc" is a picture transfer from clipboard zone located in the
CHAR-Editor folder to BLOC (bitblitter) function located in GR-Editor folder.

Next step : adaptation to all GTIA graphics modes, management of colors with adaptations.

GR-Editor  (01-12-2010):
VTEXT function with options (ttf choice-size-bold-underline-italic-transparent color and
colors) fully fonctionnal.

To avoid the interception of the keyboard (while typing text in VTEXT) by the shortcuts keys,
a button was added to enable/ disable the keyboard shortcuts. Just upper the VTEXT
options. I Think that's more easy/ useable than add a ctrl or alt or alt-gr to actual shortcuts...

next step : bloc (bitblt) and clipboard.

GR-Editor  (30-11-2010):
Magnify folder-zone fully fonctionnal

Functions point, draw, line, k-line, frame, box, rays, circle, disc, ellipse, pellipse, fill : full functionnal.

Clipboard picture-processing usage example  (25-11-2010):

Examples (unexhaustive) of picture handling with Grendizer pic. (Grendizer and characters are (C) TOEI Animation] picture property).
Note that all tools set for picture grab and clipboard grab are (or will be) exactly the same for PM-Editor & GR-Editor.

1/  ATARI 2C (320*192) pixel width - Original colors

2/  ATARI 4C (160*192) pixel width - Original colors

3/  ATARI 4C (160*192) pixel width - Match 256 ATARI COLORS (computation of the more closer colors
between original colors and ATARI color palette).

4/  ATARI 16C (80*192) pixel width - Match 256 ATARI COLORS

5/  ATARI 16C (80*192) pixel width - Original colors

6/  ATARI 4C (160*192) pixel width - Match 4C best colors (in ATARI palette)

7/  ATARI 4C (160*192) pixel width - Match 4 Shades (in ATARI palette) (dithering : none)

8/  ATARI 2C (320*192) pixel width - Match 2C (dithering : none)

9/  ATARI 16C (80*192) pixel width - Match 256 ATARI COLORS - 1/2 wide resolution (X1)

10/  ATARI 16C (80*192) pixel width - Match 256 ATARI COLORS - 1/2 wide resolution (X2)

11/  ATARI 16C (80*192) pixel width - Match 256 ATARI COLORS - 1/2 wide resolution (X3)

GRAPHIC-EDITOR beginning (24-11-2010):
GR-EDITOR was in screen design-phase for a while.
Now, programming is begining with integration of drawing and colors tools on the same folder.
Another folder is intend to define the screen-type wanted (1 clock 320*192, 2 clocks 160*192 or 80*192 models)

in addition CHAR-EDITOR, tools are added to clipboard to resize pictures in X an Y by a fix multiple.
monochrome and 4 colors dithering with 2X2, 3X3 and Floyd–Steinberg are on the way too.

CHAR-EDITOR ClipBoard, added (10-11-2010):
CHAR-EDITOR can now uses the clipboard to import pictures/ graphics from copy/paste windows method,
from anywhere on the system.
Some tools are availaible such as :

-Pixel format (the same as ATARI monochrome, 4 colors, 16 colors-shades).
-Pixel color : computation to transform pics from 24bit to 1,2 or 4 bit
-Put the picture or part of it in charset bank.

.. and save the job                     The same tool will be extend to PM graphics, GR graphics, ....

CHAR-EDITOR File information, added (31-08-2010):
CHAR-EDITOR Load & Saves in 3 formats, *.FNT witch is the EnVision format, *.ACS and *.NCS formats
witch are AtariTools-800 formats.

FNT is intend for charset definition only and support the 1024 and 1025 bytes long versions.
ACS is for 4 colors and charset def (def is the same as FNT).
At the end, NCS for multiple 4Colors & Charsets (a sort of N ACS files packed in one).

Full 3 files description are now availaible in INFORMATION zone of the CHAR-Editor. See sreenshot below.

ATARITOOLS-800 is now at 0.1.7 stage.

CHAR-ANIMATOR, Edit help added (25-08-2010):
CHAR-ANIMATOR needs numerous comes & backs from CHAR-EDITOR and was boring when building screens with  :-/ .
So a facility was now added : when keyboard shortcut "c" is pressed, the char-map float behind the mouse and 
selected char can be moved inside by numerical keyboard arrows.  pushing on "+" add the char
on screen and "-" remove it.      "c" is like a switch to view/hide the char-map.  
The full coordination is assured all over ATARITOOLS-800 program:   if moved in char-map -> moved automatically
in char-edit and so on.
Screens are built, now really faster.

PM-EDITOR With PM BANK & ANIMATION on the way (05-08-2010):
PM editor will manage banks of player-missile (32) & add ANIMATION option by changing PGM base pointers
with option of number of frames (from..to) and a delay.

PM-EDITOR With full Load and Save PLAYER-MISSILES, complete (05-08-2010):
PM editor can now load & save individual PLAYER (0 to 3) , MISSILE (0 to 3) , whole 4 players, 4 missiles & full 4 PMs
option to shrink PLAYERS & MISSILES (5th player) is done.
So 5 file types can be managed now, with full files description included in INFORMATION part,

to do : grab from pictures, save in code (bas/asm) ...

CHAR-ANIMATOR is now connected with PM-Editor (7-07-2010):
Player-missiles edited in PM-editor can now be used in CHAR-ANIMATOR part of ATARITOOLS-800, PM can be
activated, positionned, sized, .. as PM registers can be modified in PM-folder-part of char-animator.
Note that upper buttons are to view/hide PMs.   ATARITOOLS-800 is now at 0.1.6 stage.
Here you see the v.1 of phoenix-800 starbase built with chars and 4 -no phoenix- players activated.

PM-EDITOR With Load and Save PLAYER-MISSILES, complete (17-06-2010):
PM editor can now load & save individual PLAYER (0 to 3) and MISSILE (0 to 3) , can on the fly modify single & double line player-missile resolution
resize the SIZEP of player-missile, recolor, scroll up/down/right/left, clear, not, fill.
Automatic Dec/Hex values computation at each line.

to do : load/save whole 4 players, 4 missiles and 4 player-missiles, mirrors and grab from pictures, save in code (bas/asm) ...

PM-EDITOR With management of load & save PM (03-06-2010):

CHAR-EDITOR With management of 32 charsets, completed :

CHAR-Animator With a screen designed for PHOENIX-800, with a pink player P4 activated  :

PM-EDITOR with edition demo of an INVADER :

-In CHAR-Editor, "CharSet > Code" function rewrited, now code include colors, charset data and code to directly test (without write anything else) in ATARI BASIC (or code compatible). In "Data code generation"  window (witch is now the same for all tools in AT-800) just click on "Charset code Gen." (to view CHARSET text source) and then click on "Save To Ascii" or "Save To Atascii" and reload text source in ATARI BASIC editor with ENTER "H:???.TXT" command.   
Here below the test with ALTIRA 1.6. (in ATARI BASIC test code,  charset is poked in gr.12 txt screen)

That's more easy to directly see a result, even if it's slow in basic.

-Dans CHAR-Editor, la fonction "CharSet > Code" a été réécrite, maintenant le code inclut les couleurs, les données du charset et le code pour directement tester le tout sans rien écrire de plus en BASIC ATARI (ou code-compatible). Dans la fenêtre "Data code Generation"  (qui est maintenant la même pour tous les modules dans AT-800) , juste cliquer sur "Charset code Gen." (pour voir le source décrit ci-avant) et ensuite clicquez sur "Save To Ascii" ou "Save To Atascii" , pour finir, recharger le code dans l'éditeur ATARI BASIC avec ENTER "H:???.TXT".  Ci-après le test sur ALTIRA 1.6. (en BASIC ATARI, tout le charset est "poké" dans un écran texte GR.12).  Plus facile pour voir directement le résultat, même si c'est lent en basic.


Screenshots changes with work progress.


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